Surfing in 5 Easy Steps

By Lawrence Quirk

Have you been trying to surf and have felt unbelievably hopeless or frustrated ? Here are a few tips to help you get up on your surfboard and ride for longer!

1. Learn to choose your surfing conditions and read the waves.

A good understanding of different surf breaks and when they are most suitable and optimum for your surf ability will save you hours of frustrating beatings and no progress sessions because often you are just getting pummeled and taking a beating.

2. Don't go and paddle out the back until you have mastered the whitewater.

Putting in a good amount of time in the kiddies pool will mean that you are more able and experienced to take on the back break when the conditions are right.

3. Use the right surfboard.

A surfboard that has enough flotation for your body size will be crucial to how easy it will be to stand up. Remember the more flotation, the easier it will be to stand up but it will be harder to push through the waves and get out the back.

4. Practice yoga and sunsalutations.

Practicing yoga and learning to focus and balance will not only help you master the mindset side of surfing but will also help to avoid injury and increase flexibility. Sun salutions in yoga help you to get to your feet as the process is much the same.

5. Don't be discouraged and keep at it!

Remember, even when you think you are regressing, you are in fact progressing! Some days you've got it and other days you don't ! The more you use up the 'dud' days the sooner you'll reach the grail 
good luck !